How expensive is external SSD storage?

How much extra storage should you build into your Sockle?
Start with 512 GB? Go right away for 2TB?

Is there an economy of scale in buying bigger SSD disks?

Samsung T5 512GB  196$  0.382$/GB
Samsung T5 1TB  398$  0.388$/GB
Samsung T5 2TB  798$  0.389$/GB

Conclusion: NO. The price per GB is +- the same for these common sizes of disks (price of Sept 2017).

Do the prices of SSDs drop with time (Moore’s Law)?

I expected this answer to be ‘YES’, because that was the impression I had. But it appears that in the last years, this trend has stagnated for SSD disks. Look at the price of 512GB internal SSD disks for the last 2 years:

If anything, it went slightly up. So should you wait to buy an SSD disk? No. Prices don’t really drop.

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